Missing Shirley Temple Costumes

Borrowing these words from friend Kelly Wenarsky….thank you!

I am sharing this very sad and frustrating story here as an appeal to the online commerce community, the antique and collectibles community, brick and mortar and online auctions and anyone else who POSSIBLY is in the position to report a “sighting” of these costumes.

Here is the timeline of the story and the original Facebook post to UPS. If you SEE or HEAR of any of these outfits being offered for sale, please contact Tonya Bervaldi or myself immediately so that they can be returned to her. These could turn up anywhere, so any information is appreciated!

The latest is that four of the five items were sold as unclaimed merchandise by UPS to an auction house in KC, MO.  They were then purchased by an individual, who contacted a third party in an attempt to get advice on their worth.  All of that took place in less than 2.5 weeks!

Here is the costume owner’s original post on the UPS FB page: 21617518_10211465142159088_5744483598214831165_n.jpg

UPS LOST FIVE ORIGNAL SHIRLEY TEMPLE MOVIE COSTUMES! On August 28, I sent out two boxes through UPS, one box got to its destination, the other box got to Orlando – maybe (and tracking shows that it never got off the truck in Orlando), and then was never heard from again. The box that is missing contains movie costumes that Shirley Temple wore in the 1930s – the actual costumes that she wore! Five costumes that she wore in her movies, they are completely irreplaceable (including the actual LITTLE PRINCESS dress from the movie “The Little Princess” among others – from Bright EYes, Wee Willie Winkie, Stowaway, and Little Miss Broadway). These costumes were being shipped to be displayed at a convention celebrating early Hollywood.
I am not wealthy, I saved and saved and bought these to share the magic of Shirley Temple with as many people as I could…From the start, the incompetence a UPS has been mind-blowing:
1. The boxes were supposed to be charged to a UPS account, the one that got to its destination was charged to a DIFFERENT account (which I cant even figure out how to contact) – even though the UPS number as written down correctly, and UPS has no idea who was charged for the box that is missing (even though it was scanned in at the actual UPS facility) , they said that someone should manually enter that eventually – WHAT?!?
2. Once we realized that the box was lost and started the investigation, they NEVER even contacted Orlando – NEVER – about the missing box. Not once! Because of the hurricane, I gave them an extra week to call (at their request), after an extra week, they called to say that the box was gone – when I asked what Orlando had said, their response was that they didn’t have the time to call..in a week. Not once. The box was very recognizable – a bright green box, and time was of the essence, and they didnt even try.
3. Without contacting Orlando, they closed my case, and said that I should be grateful that they gave me the extra week – even though they did nothing during that time – not even contact Orlando – not once!
If this is the way they handle boxes that were insured for $10,000…that is saying quite a bit about UPS! Isn’t there SOMETHING else that can be done? Can someone higher up the UPS ranks actually investigate what is going on?
4e12c7329fa3a88e60da1d9f13f0a7e7.pngdownload-1.jpgThis costume has not yet been located!