Time Flies….

I was contacted by a rep at education.com and asked if I would post one of their lessons on my blog. Here it is! PS: I hope time passes by much more slowly in the summer months!

Does Time Really Pass By Faster When You’re Having Fun?

Research Questions:

Time is one-dimensional. While it can be measured, we cannot actually touch it. It is used to measure duration, intervals, and the sequence of activities. We now use clocks to tell time. In the past, instruments such as sundials, hourglasses, and even just by looking at the position of the sun in the sky or the rings in trees.


  • Clock
  • 10-20 children old enough to have some sense of time

Experimental Procedure

  1. Plan a fun activity for the children to do. Before doing the activity, ask the kids to tell the time right now.
  2. Start the activity, but suddenly stop in 45 minutes and ask the kids to guess the time (without looking at the clock) and guess how much time has passed since they started playing.
  3. Now ask the kids to just sit there and tell the time. After about 45 minutes, ask the kids to guess the time and how much time has passed.
  4. Record the results. Are some children better than others at keeping track of time?

Terms/Concepts: Time; Timekeeping

Discover how time stays constant even when you’re having a blast by planning your dream day!


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