Going, going, gone

That’s how it is when you teach.  All year long, you’re going – nonstop.  And then somehow, even though you may or may not have been counting down the days, the end comes.  And goes.  There’s that mix of jubilation (summer! sleeping in! no making lunch!) with sadness (you’ve worked so hard with these students, seen them come so far, and then, they’re off!).

But then there are all of those memories.  Among the best were the two auctions I held this year, inspired, of course, by the Shirley auctions Take One through Three.   The last one served a purpose beyond how-to-fill-one-of-the-last-full-days-of-school.  It was a great way to get rid of all that stuff we teachers first hoard (with all intentions of using at some point), and then, after a period of several years, realize you will never use.  You know the saying – one teacher’s trash is another student’s treasure.


Each child began with about $50 Shirley dollars, and everyone ended up with at least one item.  Except the teacher, who cleared out some cabinet space.  Win/win!



Yup, a real hammer was used.  To great effect.


I won’t miss the stuff, but I will miss this class.  They shared my passions, embraced my emotions, and drank the second grade Kool Aid.  What a year.