Returning to My Roots

Originally, as evidenced by this blog’s name – Snapshots of Second Grade –  I planned to use this as a forum for my school related thoughts and activities.  And if you dig far enough in the archived posts, you’ll find such posts.  But it has since morphed into Melissa’s Musings, with a substantial Shirley slant.  But – wait for it – today’s post is sans Shirley!  Instead, it’s about a group of 18 innovative kids who have used indoor recess to its best advantage – and have delighted their teacher in doing so!

In November, our Social Studies curriculum covers the westward expansion and displacement of Native Americans.  As such, we ALWAYS watch the premiere episode of the 1970s TV classic series, Little House on the Prairie.  And it ALWAYS sparks the interest of my second graders – boys AND girls.  For nearly 20 years, it’s done so, so yes, I can say ALWAYS with confidence.  Then, as the winter months approach, aka, indoor recess time, we’ll occasionally watch another episode.  If our class earns a movie “treat,” invariably it’s Little House.  So they’ve seen a number of the episodes.

Remember when I said it’s always a hit?  That was true, but it never reached the zenith that it has the last few weeks in my room.  One hundred percent ON THEIR OWN, ninety five percent of the class decided to reenact and “film” scenes from their favorite episodes during indoor recess and Friday free time.  When I say “film,” I mean they made a paper camera, clapboard and director’s megaphone.  They wrote scripts and cue cards and cast lists.  I KID YOU NOT!  Once I saw the level of interest, I volunteered my services as cameraman (“Mrs. T, don’t you mean “camera girl?”  Yes.  Yes, I do.)   I was able to record several of their scenes and share them via Google Drive.  Wish I had the tech ability to share them here, but this pic will have to suffice:

20170217_134235.jpgMiss Beadle and her one room schoolhouse

Creative? Without a doubt.  But even better was the level of cooperation that went on.  Yes, there was noise, and yes, there was disagreement.  But there was joy and pride as well.  And learning. Lots and lots of learning.

This is what feeds this teacher’s soul.  And not just because it was Little House.


Ok, I lied. Here’s a gratuitous Shirley!