6afe0bcd2fa3a99f1b8ffc8b8fecc6c3Some years I look back, and it’s not all that different from where I was a year ago.  I’m a year older – certainly.  A year wiser – hopefully.  Not too much heavier – please God.  But by and large, things have been status quo.

Not so this year.  Last December 31st, I could not have conceived of what 2015 would become. Warning: it’s about to get sentimental up in here.  In my wildest imagination, I could not have envisioned the Year of Shirley. Because the YOS was not just exhibits, or auctions, or catalogs, or costumes.  It was a genuine phenomenon.  A phenomenon of shared passion, happiness, interest and love.  Fulfilling in a way I didn’t know existed.

I measure happiness in tears.  That won’t surprise many reading this, and I won’t attempt to explain how it works to those who don’t know me.   It’s always been thus.  I cry as soon as the orchestra plays the first note during a Broadway musical.  Tears fall when reading a beloved story.  The waterworks begin when watching certain classic films.  The more I cry, the more that experience meant to me.  And I’ve never – N E V E R – cried the way I have this year.  One would think I’d run out of tears, but one would be incredibly wrong.

A year like this will never happen again, much like a child star of Shirley’s magnitude won’t be repeated.  But the next year just may bring equally thrilling and fulfilling things my way….and yours.  So, so long 2015.  It was a very good year.