Like Riding a Bike

Actually, I’m sure it’s much, much easier – haven’t been on a bike since the seventies, I think.


I’m talking about getting back to school.

Not the routine of school – that won’t start for quite a few weeks yet.  I mean the thinking-about-school mindframe that leaves most (important word, here!) teachers in July.  And because my July was stuffed with Shirleyness, even I didn’t have room for too many of those school thoughts.

But they’re back.


And so was I.  Although I’ve popped in a bit over the course of the summer, today was the first work-in-the-classroom day for me.  I hadn’t planned on it – thought I’d make a few copies in the office and head back home.  But the floors were waxed and the furniture replaced, and I was there anyway…..

I spent a few hours doing odds and ends, as well as reconnecting with some co-workers who obviously were in a similar mindset.  And now that I’m home, it’s all I can do to NOT be consumed with B2S. Lists are being made; schedules are prepared; lesson plan templates adjusted. And I know what comes next….those teacher dreams.  Why do I have 50 children in my class?  Why has my room been moved to the basement?  Where are my students?  Why am I teaching a new grade level?  Why are none of these students on my list?  I have had all of those dreams, and more.


Such is the life of a teacher in August.  I’m really not complaining.


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