Do You See What I See?


If you’re looking at a calendar, then you do.  It’s nearly August and we teachers know what THAT means.

Did you ever see this quote?

bus slate 003

Nonsense.  Because, at least in my geographic locale, school goes until mid or late June.  And once August rolls around, teachers are automatically transported into teacher-land….at least mentally.  So, maybe we have a good 5 or 6 weeks, but three months?  No way.

This year, I’m slightly more blase about what August represents than usual.   But my usual isn’t the usual usual – no surprise there.  Because August, for me, has always signaled that fresh-crayons-out-of-the box excitement.  I start making lists about what I need to do in the classroom,  take inventory of the teacher stuff I’m amassed so far this summer, and start thinking about when I can ask the school secretary for my class list and schedule.

But this year, the excitement is tempered….but not dampened.  It’s just that the euphoria that’s been the Summer of Shirley still lingers on.  There’s less room for school excitement, because all things Temple have crowded out most other feelings.


Happiness like this must be savored.

So, I’ll watch the page of the calendar turn this weekend, and my heart will beat a little less rapidly than it usually does come August.

But only a little less.  After all, I’m a teacher.

Shirley Temple on taking lessons from personal tutor ‘Klammy’, on a break from shooting scenes for The Little Princess, 1939


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