These Magic Moments – Part Four of Four


Wrapping it up might be the hardest part.

When filming, “It’s a wrap!” is the call to signify the end.  As in, the actors have finished their parts.  Time to celebrate at the wrap party and then go home, presumably to rest.   But that ending isn’t really an ending.  After the editing and all that goes into post-production, the finished film is ready – ready to be seen over and over again by those who find it enjoyable or interesting or compelling or entertaining.

Now that the exhibit and auction that was Love, Shirley Temple has wrapped, it needn’t be the end.  In fact, I know it is not.  Because shortly upon my arrival home, I revamped a Facebook page, now called Shirley’s Army!  And it blew up. People eager to share and relive their experiences at the auction began posting.  Individuals who participated via phone, online or prebidding weighed in.  Those who were lucky enough to have seen one of the exhibits stopped by.  In fact, anyone with an interest in the most enduring of all child stars is welcome to join our ranks.   And one week post auction, the Army is 100 members strong.   People are sharing their congratulations with the winners of auction items.  Winners are sharing photos and plans for their items.   Members of the Army are from all across the US and the world.

The members all join us with their individual areas of strength and interest.  We have doll collectors, costume collectors, collectors of rare photos and footage.  The discourse taking place daily is nothing short of inspiring.

Just the sort of thing Shirley would approve of.


So, the legacy lives on, as we always knew that it would.  Yet this time in my life, this journey with Shirley, has been a most unforgettable adventure – a period of time when nothing was as important as sharing the joy and love that one little girl embodies.   I called it the Shirley bubble.  A beautiful place to reside, even if only for a time.

For those of you who shared this journey with me – in any way at all – I thank you.  For some of you, it was easy to understand, because you share this fascination.   For others, it may have been bewildering….but if you even half-listened to me as I waxed poetically about Shirley, then you did your part.  You shared in one lifetime fan’s dream-come-true.  How often does that happen?

There’s only one way to end this.  By remembering that the exhibit was called Love, Shirley Temple.

And that’s what we’ll do.



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