The last day of school always is.  Even if the year has been extra tough (mine wasn’t but it’s been known to happen), saying goodbye and letting go is a mixed bag of emotions.  I actually taught my class the word bittersweet yesterday.  I also taught them penultimate the day before!  Teaching right to the end.

The end includes a clap off – the entire second grade, wearing their class t-shirts, parades through the halls of the school, which are lined with students, faculty and parents clapping them off to their new school.


And later, we all assemble again to autograph beach balls.


Notice the emotions expressed by the teachers on the left!

So, goodbye to second grade (them, not me!) and hello summer.

The summer of Shirley.  The July auction of her collection.  And I’ll be there.  So in that spirit, here’s a photo gallery of summer Shirley.


Photos courtesy of C. Gardiner of ST photos and videos!


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