EOY, my favorite acronym (End of the Year, of course!)  So much more inspiring than SGO, PLP, MLP and CCSS.

The last days of second grade are filled with events and theme days.  Here’s a photo-driven peek:




Poetry Cafe is our EOY presentation for families.  The mood is set with black draped everywhere, candles and a spotlight.  The adorable berets that the poets wore aren’t pictured – it’s too hard to run a show and photograph it at the same time. #directorproblems




You Be the Teacher Day.  I’m pretty sure I invented it, and I understand that it’s taking off!  Students who chose to participate could teach the class a short lesson.  We learned about the “nine” trick for multiplication, fishing and hula-hooping, just to name a few.




Beach Day.  I most certainly did not invent this one!  A little Beach Boys music did make it extra cool, though.  We also used Beach Day to blow up our beach balls (not pictured) that we’ll use for the LAST DAY’s grade-wide autograph signing session.  #iwillnotblowup18beachballsmyself

And we’re down to one.  My feelings at the moment are full of antonyms – happy/sad, excited/exhausted, satisfied/worried (as in, “Did I do enough?  Did they absorb it all?”)  Those are questions I ask every year, and I never really have an answer.


Shirley, however, has the answer to another age-old question – Is the Loch Ness Monster real?  Apparently so!  #whatisthatthing?


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