Fulfilling My Obligations

The last time I wrote about my pre- and post-beach trip blogs.  Here’s the post re: the post!


We made it!  No rain – chilly and windy, but not wet – just the way I like it at the beach. Still got sunburn though.  Or windburn.


The happiest of kids.  Whether we were seining or building sand castles, they were as happy as clams.  Because clams live at the beach, naturally!


One poor soul (not pictured) had no one to go seining with, so three adults took up the other ends of the net.  We went so far out the water came in over her waders and she was drenched!  Luckily, between a few of us, we were able to give her a set of dry clothes.  Note to self: next year ask chaperones to bring clothing!


I asked my chaperones, “Orange you glad our class color is orange?”  Me too.


Shell collecting.  They spent the nearly two-hour bus ride home discussing and trading shells.  I think they were engaged.


How could we go to the beach and not get our feet just a little wet!  No swimming, no wading – just chasing waves!  Another note to self:  have students wear water shoes or sandals.  Although we all survived with wet sneakers.


No hula-ing either, but lots of smiles! Even me – especially me!!


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