There are a few traditions concerning our upcoming second grade field trip to the beach.  One is that we do it, and it’s been done for more than 15 years.  Back when it first started, learning about ocean life was a part of the curriculum, back in the THEME TEACHING days.  Sigh.  But now, the Common Core and her other friends, like the PARCC and SGO, have overtaken that kind of approach.  So, we no longer do a month-long unit on all things ocean.  Yet we still take a nearly two-hour bus ride to the beach.  Why? Tradition.  It also comes under the umbrella of HABITATS, which is currently in our curriculum.  But mostly,  it’s tradition.


Another newer tradition is blogging about it.  Both before and after.  Thus, this post.  My first beach-related post was dedicated to my apprehension, and the follow up post to the aftermath of that apprehension.  Short version – I survived.

And I will again.  Much less apprehension and much more anticipation surrounds this trip – but it is a big undertaking and so thoroughly exhausting that I still must blog about it.  Traditions, of course.

Bonus:  Can you name the musical that contains a song that matches this blog post’s title?  


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