You’ll Hate Me


It will surprise no one that I’m planning for June.  As in, I’ve written my lessons plans through the last day of school. True, they are simply sketched out, and will in all likelihood change, but the basic course has been charted.  And yes, this is either annoying or nauseating to others – and often both.  #sorrydefinitelynotsorry

Now that each little section of my digital planbook is filled, the purple-eyed monster will begin to rear its ugly head (why purple?  green was taken by jealousy).  That monster is the one who feeds on the fear that all teachers have at the end of the year, namely WILL IT ALL GET DONE?  Or more accurately, HOW IN THE WORLD WILL IT ALL GET DONE AND WILL I SURVIVE INTACT?

The list always seems endless – year-end assessments given, memory books written and illustrated, annual trip to the beach taken, Poetry Cafe practiced for and performed, the classroom-materials sort-out-and-clean-up conducted.   Throw into the mix a little thing like finishing up the curriculum and maybe a Father’s Day quickie (sorry, dads…you get the short end of the stick this year), and the monster has LOTS to chew on.  For me, one way to keep the anxiety down just a tad, is to plan it all out.  If I see it on the paper, in black and white and oh so formal-looking, it helps me see that it can and will and always does get done.

And so, in a little corner of my mind, it’s June.


PSA: This was a bathing suit Shirley wore in her 1934 film, Now and Forever.  She also wore it many times at home and on the beach with family.  An unusual style, no?  Times were different and innocent then.

PS: It dawned on me, after I published this, that a perfect (and perfectly irritating) example of my ahead-of-the-gameness was sitting over my right shoulder.  These EOY gifts have been filled for weeks and waiting patiently in my computer room for June 18.


It’s a real affliction.


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