That was the topic on this morning’s twitter chat #satchat.  I participate occasionally – it’s often moderated by one of our fine district administrators.  The questions covered such subtopics as “What are your stressors?” “How you do avoid/prepare for/deal with stress?” “How do you support others through stressful times?”  And, of course, there was lots of talk about how to handle stress.  I contributed to that thread quite a bit – exercise, get enough sleep, vent to friends, etc.   Keeping on top of things is probably my number one strategy for keeping stress at bay; a list or pile of things to do will send my blood pressure skyrocketing.  No procrastination here.

Another destressor is taking time to enjoy…whatever you do enjoy.  And doesn’t everyone enjoy eating?  Our PTO hosted our annual Teacher Appreciation luncheon this week.  Let me tell you – EVERYONE enjoyed it – because EVERYONE enjoys being appreciated.


A cute display of children’s work soothes me too.  I can’t say that it’s a major stress-reliever, but those bulletin boards do put a smile on my face when I walk past.


The butterflies were simply math worksheets, but add some paint and a few dollar store flower cutouts, and you have a happy garden display.


Another part of the Teacher Appreciation festivities was “wear your teacher’s favorite color to school” day.  It was a surprise to us teachers, and I wasn’t wearing PINK that day, but most everyone else was!  #prettyinpink #pinkismysignaturecolor #steelmagnoliasquote

One more thing I tweeted about in response to how to handle stress:  I blog.  Thus, today’s entry. I know I don’t have a huge readership, but I really do this for me.  That’s pretty important in and of itself.


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