P.S. and P.S.

If you’re a teacher looking for validation, stop.  Because even though you deserve it (and if you’re a teacher, you certainly do),  you won’t always get it.  Not because people are inconsiderate or anything close to that – it’s just that people are busy, life is moving ahead, and those validation-worthy moments (and again, that would be ALL OF THEM), are all part of a teacher’s job description anyway.

But when it happens, isn’t it grand?

The first postscript refers to yesterday’s post re: baby day.  Two separate messages acknowledging the day and, if I do say so, me.  The first came from a parent whose child is in my class – and made quite the adorable infant.  Her message actually included the word EPIC.  As in I am EPIC.  Brave maybe, but epic?  Thank you!

The second came this morning from a coworker.  She said, upon hearing of the Royal Princess’s birth, she thought of me and how I was ahead of my time in hosting Baby Day!  I’ll admit, I didn’t make that connection, but I’m glad she did!

royal-baby_2616127bPretty in pink!

The second P.S. is a follow-up to the last few posts about my classroom up-do.  Last two bulletin boards are repapered, and I may or may not have thought about the specific color scheme when I planned the recent projects now displayed.




Art smock bin makeover.  #detailsarethenewblack  #thenewblackisoverused


I’m starting my weekend on a high.  Validations and a pretty classroom will do that for a gal.


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