A Point and a Tip

Teachers are, by nature, a wacky bunch.  Especially those of us who teach the very young.  Or we oughta be.  I guess you could say it’s a spectrum.  I, of course, am on the end of the spectrum – where it reads “TILT: crazy overload.”

This is nothing new.  Popeye said “I yam what I yam” and I am.  I’m wacky, but not delusional.  I know who I am.  Lucky for me, because I know it’s not always the case, I was able to find a career where my brand of crazy works….in fact, it’s actually a good thing.  Crazy means fun, engaging and stimulating to second graders.

I’m talking BABY DAY.  Yes, it’s a thing.  I may have invented it, but still.

We’ve done pajama day, sports day, hat day, blah blah blah.  So is it really such a big leap to get to Baby Day?  I think you know my answer.

There was a lot of prep for this in terms of setting up expectations.  Babies will be working.  Babies will not be crying.  Babies must keep baby talk to an acceptable pitch.

Was I worried this morning?  Well, my Remind text to my parents read #whatdidigetmyselfinto.  But if anyone can do Baby Day, and make it fun and get stuff done, I am your go-to gal.  Not that that is a trait that will win me any awards, but you take what you can get.


So this happened.  Then this and this:



And I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.  And most of my days are pretty darn fun.

So, what’s the point?  Wacky might be weird, but it’s creative and engaging and memorable.  You may not get it, or me, but those who matter do – like the kids.  And not a moment of time-on-task was lost.  #idoknowwhatimdoing

Here’s the tip.  Not a big revelation, but it keeps me sane.

Buckets.  Bins.  Baskets.  I may or may not be obsessed by Dollar Tree and its various containers – can you say TURQUOISE?


I’d love to say that my newly redecorated classroom looks photo-shoot ready at all times, but no one would believe me.  Because if you teach in the real world, it’s messy.

I don’t like messy, but I know the difference between a working mess and a big ol’ mess.  So when one starts to bleed into the other, I just toss the mess into a bin.  Or bucket or basket.   I have them scattered around the classroom – they are full of tape and markers and scissors and erasers and whatever else I need to stow away for a quick clean up.  And they are there when I need to quickly reach for one of the above.

One of my classroom closets is devoted to the storage of these storage containers.  My garage is full of them – because even though I’ve updated my color scheme, I can’t toss away perfectly good containers.

I’m not usually a hoarder – I’ve been known to toss away many an item, only to find out later that I needed/wanted it.  I guess I’m a selective hoarder.

I guess I’m back to my point – wacky and weird.  #ohwell


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