A Work In Progress…

That phrase is overused these days.  I categorize it with other such phrases, including “It’s all good!”  “No worries!” and “It is what it is!”  But my room is quite literally a work in progress.

Hollywood revamp ’15 continues.  In addition to last post’s lanterns, we now haveim1.shutterfly-1

pom poms.  Those yellow poms are supposed to represent popcorn above the popcorn alphabet boxes.  Schoolgirl Style says you should have a focal point in your room, and since I’ve joined her cult, I did just that.  You can’t tell here, but there are actually two slightly different shades of yellow and two sizes.

Another part of the focal point is the double daisy in turquoise and red.  Last year I went pennant-crazy.  This time, daisies are the new black.


But I didn’t forget about the pennants…they got an update too.  Turquoise chevron?  Yes, please.  You can see more of the border in those red bins, just waiting…


My #Hollywood pennant and another double daisy – this time in red and yellow.  The red curtain got an upgrade.  The old one was a dollar store plastic tablecloth.  This time I went fancy and used real fabric.   It’s all in the details – that’s one of our cult’s mantras.


And one on the otherwise hideous bathroom door.  It says “Dressing Room.”  I toyed with “Way to Go!” because it’s where you go to GO, but I stayed classy, San Diego.  #anchormanreference


Those torn labels on the black and red bins are taunting me.  But I’ll wait until August to replace those.  Or so I tell myself.


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