I’m Alone in This…

and I’m okay with it.

Today is a gorgeous, early spring day, with temperatures in the low 60s – just my type of temp.  Any higher, like the mid-70s of yesterday, and on comes the a/c.  The sun is bright and inviting, and after this past winter, its call is surely answered by all normal people, who are out basking in its appearance.


Notice the choice of word NORMAL.  That should’ve tipped you off.

So no, I haven’t joined the spring revelers outside.  Not that I don’t appreciate it…I’m enjoying the breeze blowing and the sunlight streaming through the windows, as I sit here at my desktop computer.  But I’m spending this delightful day doing something that delights me.  Two things, actually – or three, if you count this blog, which I suppose you should.

NUMBER ONE:  I’m in the third week of a non-credit online course examining the later works of pioneer author Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Dutifully, each Sunday I log on, watch the video lectures by Pamela Hill Smith of  the Missouri State University.  I respond to the questions and prompts, and take (and ace, thank you very much) the little quizzes.  But since this is a study of her later books, it means I missed the first half of the course last semester.  What to do?  Watch all of the lectures which are available on youtube.  That’s taking care of a big chunk of this lovely Sunday afternoon, making it even lovelier.


This is Carrie, Mary (seated) and Laura.  Its date has been debated.  Many believe it was taken after Mary went blind; I join a dissenting group that feel a) photographers wouldn’t put a book in a BLIND girl’s hand for a photo; b) the girls look too young for the date most ascribe to the photo and c) there exists another photo of Baby Grace, clearly around a year of age, that seems to have the same background.  If that photo was taken at the same time as this, the girls are younger and Mary still has her sight.

Not that you asked.

NUMBER TWO:  I may be “wasting” the sweet spring weather by remaining inside today, but I’m not wasting any time just listening to the lectures.  Not when I can open another tab (or twelve) and begin exploring new looks for next year’s classroom.

Yeah, you read that right.  Next year.  Deal with it.

I’m not changing my entire Hollywood theme and decor – too much time and money have been spent!  But, like last year, I will add some flourishes, courtesy of my decorating go-to site, Schoolgirl Style.  I simply can’t resist, not when her brand new collection looks like this:


So, I’ll add lanterns and chevron and lots of turquoise to the existing red, black and yellow that currently dominates.  Because Mrs. Schoolgirl said I should.  I just have to decide what I want and where I want it.  That’s the fun part.

 And perhaps, when I’ve completed the video lectures and tired of dreaming about decor, I’ll wander outside for a walk.



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