It’s Not a Bad Word…

Did that get your attention??!! No, the word I’m referencing isn’t a swear word, or swear-adjacent.  But it is a word that sometimes has landed me in trouble.  Well, maybe not trouble exactly, but hot water on occasion.

The word is passion.

I recently attended a lecture on a subject about which I am most passionate.  Always have been, always will be.  The lecturer, whom I admire greatly and am always star-struck by on the few occasions where I’ve seen him, began his presentation by acknowledging – nay, celebrating – the fact that all in attendance were there because of their passions.  It was the second time that week that that word moved me.

The first time it was uttered by an administrator who was discussing a lesson she observed me teaching.  She said my passion was evident in all that she’s seen me do.  That comment meant the world to me, because I do pride myself on my passionate approach to my career.  Honestly, I know of no other way to teach other than with passion.

But not everyone appreciates passion.  Or maybe they don’t understand it.   When I did a quick Google search for its definition, the first one that popped up was “a strong and barely controllable emotion.”  Yup, that’s the passion that can be hard to take/handle/witness/put up with.  Because it’s BARELY controllable.  And sometimes, it spins out of control.  And those that don’t respect it, or comprehend it, will dismiss it.  Or worse.

A passionate person cannot contain this emotion.  It will always find a way to display itself and make itself known.  And the passionate person has to learn to put up with the people who don’t get it.  Because it’s not going away.

For the last two weeks, we’ve had a passionate person in our midst.  She returns to our second grade each year, to bring her passion for performance, dance and multi-cultural experiences to our students.  And every child is the beneficiary of her passion.  Teachers too.


The residency culminates in two performances, the first of which was today.  Here were are representing Canada and performing Les Saluts.

I know it’s a wonderful thing to be exposed to and surrounded by passionate people.  If you’re not one of those, I’m sorry.  You’re really missing out.

For me, it’s so many passions, so little time.  Here’s an obvious one – Shirley with a CANADIAN Mountie!


And here’s another.  Thank you, JF, for sharing this one with me.


Ironically, PASSION (as in the perfume) is not one of my passions.  But I will admit that in the ’80s I was dousing myself with the stuff.  #whatwasithinking  #wasanyonethinkinginthe80s


But boy, do passions exhaust me!  No wonder my bedtime’s always 9:00!


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