The Grinch and St. Patrick

The Grinch may be green, but I have a feeling he’d steal St. Patrick’s Day if he could.  I am Irish – about 75% – and I do it up – my green clothing, complete with shamrock scarf, is laid out in anticipation of Tuesday.  I even have green workout clothing – right down to the socks.  I’ve been to Ireland, where I may or may not have seen an actual leprechaun.  I eat corned beef and cabbage on March 17 (and only on March 17) and say “Top o’ the morning!” all day long.

In class I read tons of shamrock, leprechaun and rainbow stories in my best Irish brogue.  When I taught K and first, the leprechaun would visit and leave gold and mischief in his wake.  I once even had my brother record a message from the leprechaun – I hid the tape recorder on a high shelf and at some point during the day we heard the leprechaun speaking to us!

Yeah, I’ve done it all.

But the Grinch is rearing his green head.  Just a tad – no one would really notice if you came into my room. There’s shamrocks and rainbows hanging up, and students spent Friday free time making leprechaun traps.  STEM, anyone?!!  But while I love the enthusiasm, I don’t love that I have to squelch it a bit to get things done.  Like curriculum.  Back in my K and 1st days, when theme teaching was the way to go (oh, how I miss it so!), we could devote a week or so to all things small, green and magical.  But the world is a different place, and I’ll be spending the next two days trying to rein in the leprechaun sightings so that we can do what we gotta do.


(I need to redo this song poster – messy handwriting!)

It didn’t help that while I was reading yet another leprechaun story, I stopped and asked a student to put away the coins she was jingling.  I know I heard them.  But she had no coins.  So the only conclusion one could come to was that I heard a leprechaun.  Try focusing on text support when every noise thereafter was proof the wee mannie was about.

But we have been soldiering on and learning…check out the three types of clouds we’re able to identify:


As far as March goes, they say it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  They fail to mention that almost smack-dab in the middle it’s green and tricky and just a bit wild.

At least in my room.  Erin Go Bragh!


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