Seeing Red

…and pink.  After all, it was the Valentine’s Party!


Last year our celebration was snowed out and nearly happened in the spring, but this year it came right on schedule.  There’s something about seeing them dressed in coordinating colors that warms my heart.



My valentine to the students was a CD I burned, featuring the many musical biographies that are a mainstay of our classroom. Their delight reassured me that the few hours it took on a snow day were well worth it!  Now their parents can hear these songs in their sleep like I do!


The minute I saw those dollar store monkeys back in January I knew they were a must have.  They came in pink and white too!


This photo needs a bit of an explanation.  One of the three games we played was called Crazy Hearts, and it’s well-named.  Therefore, while the parents run the other games, this is one for the teacher-only.  There are red and pink hearts – the child turns over one of each reads what they have to do and how to do it.  This was obviously doing something upside down!


In other news, who says history has to be boring??  However, some concepts are easier taught than others, and it’s a bit of a struggle to light a fire in second graders’ hearts over the Constitution. I do my best, which of course includes showing The Preamble by Schoolhouse Rock.  But this year, a few little politicians created a class constitution ON THEIR OWN.  They began it with the poem that I’d written (“Because it’s really good!”) and are still working on adding Articles.  That’s all they talked about for days!  I’m not privy to the contents yet – I do hope I’ll get a chance to ratify it!

All in a day.  Wouldn’t want it any other way.


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