Fighting the Good Fight

…against a head cold, that is.  Hoping Zicam does the trick.  Or at least tricks me into thinking it did the trick.  So here are a few pics that cheer me up when I walk into my classroom.



A super-quick activity that we did after learning about civil rights activists.  Each student traced and cut a heart, then chose a photo of Rosa, Ruby or Martin, which they glued in the center.  Add descriptions and voila!  A display that works for Valentine’s Day too!


Another quickie but cutie.  Each heart has Valentine-related statements. If the student already knew that fact — had it in their SCHEMA — it was marked with a YES.  If not, it was marked with a NO.


A friend’s display – another double-duty bulletin board.  #inspired

That’s all I’ve got for today.


One more, ’cause she always cheers me up!


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