An Assortment

Heaven is a Saturday snow day.  Can’t exercise…snowed in.  Can’t run errands…snowed in.  Can’t run to Shop Rite…snowed in.  Well, I actually NEVER do the latter, snow or no.

So, what to do?  Apart from lesson plans, report cards, participating in an educational twitter chat and updating my website, I thought I’d post a few not-necessarily-related photos.  Just for kicks.


The photos above show my students working with our enrichment teacher on a two-day activity called Math Quilts.  Geometry, multiplication, symmetry, spatial design – all covered.


Working on a close reading of a passage about Martin Luther King, Jr.  Look at that concentration!



A quick and cute noun/adjective sort.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for a cute bulletin board display.  And colored xerox paper is the new construction paper…at least in my room.

Cold temperatures have made indoor recess an all-too frequent occurrence.  Not that the kids mind.ry%3D400



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