It’s Not Only About Resolutions


It seems to me that New Year’s is a lot like Thanksgiving.  It’s an opportunity to look back at the past year and enumerate the many things we have to be thankful for.  Many, many things.  It’s something that we always do at our Thanksgiving dinner table.   This Christmas, we did something similar by sharing some of the top moments of 2014.  I cited my week-long pioneer camp, because I got to live out a fantasy and spend time with my darling niece.  But there are so many more; thus, my contribution to this time of year’s ubiquitous lists:

1.  Health.  No other explanation is necessary

2.  People.  Family, friends, students, parents, acquaintances and passers-by.  Old, new, actual and cyber.  In their own way, they all enriched the 2014 experience.

3. Opportunities.  Pioneer camp falls under this category, but there were many more – professional and personal.

That’s the big three.  Kinda covers it all.

And, rather than creating a list of things I want to accomplish this year, I’ll just try to build upon the above, appreciating what I have and leaving myself open to new possibilities.

To end this blog in the spirit of the NEW year, here’s a new (to me, of course) photo of my girl.  Although 2014 had many fine moments, a few were sad.  RIP Shirls.



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