It’s Nearly Here….

Winter vacation, that is.  And with it comes the end of the holiday madness that begins in October.  Because in the classroom you go from Halloween, to Thanksgiving (if you’re lucky – it seems to get passed by nowadays) to the December holidays.  Sometimes it feels as though I haven’t taken a deep breath since September!  But with the 10+ day stretch ahead of me, I can breathe a little easier….once I get there, that is!

Before I say goodbye to 2014, here’s how we ended it in second grade:

10689776_10203929578494706_6401253652472806619_nDollar Tree stockings – today they’ll open them up and take them home.  They’ve been DYING since I’ve hung them up.  Part of the fun of opening presents is looking forward to them.  A quote from Little House on the Prairie.  Ma was a sage.



Holiday party.  Something about kids dressed in red and green, topped off by a holiday hat, puts an instant smile on my face.


This year’s party looked a bit different.  We had the usual craft, snack and game, but I tacked a family sing along to the end of it.  Fewer party activities to plan, and just so darn cute.

ry%3D400-2I love how seriously some parents are taking this!!


2014’s nearly over.  Here’s hoping ’15 will be all we need it to be.


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