Holiday Hodge Podge

Sometimes this blog is simply a record of things that have happened.  No big message, no teacher tips.  Just photos that provide evidence of some holiday happenings in and around second grade.


After finishing our personal narrative unit, we read the published pieces to first graders.  I’d forgotten how little they are!


Back when I did teach first grade, I always used parent volunteers during reading centers.  It took me three years, but I finally figured out how to incorporate them in second grade.  I missed having a second pair of hands!


And while we’re on the topic of the past, I sorely miss the pioneer unit that we did at this time of year in first grade.  We do touch upon westward expansion in second grade social studies, so Laura and friends made an appearance during indoor recess.


My completed Festival of Trees….trees.  The theme was “Christmas Then and Now,” and my trees represent the year 1939.  On the left is Gone with the Wind: Christmas at Tara and on the right is The Wizard of Oz: Christmas in the Poppy Field.


Embarrassing photo from my read aloud at last night’s Story Time and Sing Along at the Festival of Trees.  Whatever I was doing with my face must’ve worked, because the kids loved the story and the rest of the activities.

1594298390798756 Hoping this is everyone’s best Christmas ever.


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