This is My Once-a-Year-Day

I just posted on a friend’s Facebook page that I “have a show tune for every situation.”  I will also add that I’m proud of that fact.  This post’s title is from “The Pajama Game.”  (lest you’re not up on Broadway shows from the  1950s…or movies with Doris Day.)

The “Day” refers to the annual decorating day at our town’s Festival of Trees.  It’s the unofficial start to my holiday season.  I save my one personal day without reason for this day alone, so the kids will have a substitute at school.   Some things are just that important. With a dear friend acting as my elf, I’ll spend the day decorating my themed trees.  There will be more on those trees later, after they’re complete.

For now, I’ll post some holiday classroom photos, which include bulletin boards and displays.  They make my season bright.



Mini Christmas tree – yes, it has lights.  Colored for the classroom – I’m not a Grinch!


Holiday display – there’s even a kinara there to represent Kwanzaa.  And yes, I do light the candles on the menorah!


Decorated dreidels – facts and opinions on written on each.  Ever educational!


Holiday packages.  Children cut. sorted and glued on words – common nouns, proper nouns and pronouns.  Adding a real bow made all the difference!

Off to the Festival.  I’ve got a big job ahead of me today, but somebody’s gotta do it.


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