Slightly Obsessed

The title of this post is misleading.  Actually, it’s grossly under representative of the feeling I have for gingerbread.

Unlike my love of  my girl Shirley Temple, I cannot pinpoint when gingerbread-themed ANYTHING became a full-fledged obsession with me.  I do know that it’s been going on for years.   Below is my gingerbread village – an eclectic group of gingerbread items that I add to every year.


Fun fact:  it’s the only place that I allow colored lights – I’m an all-white lights kind of gal.

My love of any thing gingerbread-ish spilled over into my classroom many, many years ago.  In the days of yore, when I taught kindergarten, we did an entire gingerbread unit – the hunt throughout the school, the baking and decorating and eating of those spicy cookies – a full-out THEME.  Ahhhhh…those were the days.  When I taught first grade, we always read and compared as many gingerbread stories as we possibly could in the month of December, and then wrote our own versions.  I still continue to add to my book collection, even though it’s not a curriculum focus in second grade.


I’ll read quite a few this month, and the children will ready many more on their own.  And gingerbread kids were the perfect first holiday craft (of many!) today.  We followed a simple glyph legend and created adorable lil guys and gals.


We broke out the collection of “special crayons” for this project, which includes glitter, metallic, twistables and construction paper crayons.  Sometimes it’s the littlest things….


I’ve gotta learn how to take straight photos!!!

Check out the embellishments – candy canes, superhero capes, aprons, hats, candy – there’s even a Luigi (or Mario?) gingerbread cookie.


Even Shirley thinks gingerbread is sweet.  And she should know.


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