Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day….

….or on every Halloween either.   Kids actually doing work.  That’s tied into the current curriculum.


Yes, it was Halloween alright.  Some are even wearing remnants of their costumes from the day’s morning parade.  But what’s really going on in this photo is an activity I call “Cups of Coins.”  Yes, the cups are orange and have jack-o-lantern faces on them, but that’s just for show.  Inside each of the 23 numbered cups is a set of coins.  Children take a cup, spill out (carefully, please!!) the coins, total up their value, and record it in the correct space on their sheet.  Then the cup is returned to the table, and they choose a cup they haven’t done before.    So, even though it was the high holy day of all holidays, there was learning going on.  Money is our current math unit, and we didn’t skip a beat.

Here’s what we looked like pre-parade.


On to November.  And the holidays.  And the ensuing madness.  But learning too.  Always learning.


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