The Year of You

That’s the motto for our school district this year, and it’s a good one – a necessary one.  After last year, when we were inundated with the alphabet soup approach to teaching in the form of SGOs, PLCs, MLP, WTH (ok, last one is bogus, but sometimes that’s how I feel!), it’s nice to know that this year there will be no new state initiatives.  Although, even as I’m typing this, I’m afraid the other shoe is going to drop….  But it is nice to know that this year’s focus is on the individual teacher.


I’m proposing, for my building at least, THE YEAR OF US.  I’ve blogged before about my commitment to improving climate and increasing morale in my school.   I’d like our school motto, along with TEAM DICKERSON, to reflect the ongoing work towards creating a unified staff.  And, despite roadblocks and time constraints and sheer fatigue, I’m still hopeful that is a reachable goal.

On a semi-related note, here are two photos of our second grade character committee members performing a skit for our class to introduce the Buddy Bench.  It’s a place on the playground where a child can sit, signaling that he/she is interested in finding a friend to play with.  The hope is that others will see the child sitting there and invite him or her to play.  Thanks, PTO, for a great suggestion and a super sign!



Because everyone needs a buddy.  Us too.  Thus, the YEAR OF US. (no rhyme intended).


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