All About Eve

We know about Christmas Eve.  And New Year’s Eve.  Lately, I’ve been wishing people Happy Birthday eve, because who doesn’t like a celebration to start a little sooner?  But today’s eve is not one of celebration.  It’s of remembrance and honor. Each and every one of us has a 9/11 story.  Stories of loss, survival, disbelief and a collective grieving.  And lessons were learned.  And although I won’t be teaching any specific 9/11 lessons tomorrow, I may talk about bullies.  Friendship.  Respect.  Differences.  Acceptance.  Understanding.  Tolerance.  Because these are every day lessons.  Lessons for every day.



Our school mascot is the bulldog.  A bulldog might look fierce, but never judge a book by its cover.  Our bulldog embodies all things good.  And that’s what I’ll think about when I see the many bulldogs that decorate our school.


I’ll think about the good that’s in this school and in this world.  Even at this sad and scary time.  And I’ll pet this little bulldog for extra luck.  That’s something we can all use.


I was teaching school on the first 9/11.  I’ve been teaching school every 9/11 since.  I’ll never not associate 9/11 with school.  But I’ll also know that while I’m at school, looking at those faces that weren’t even here 13 years ago, there is good in this world.  Right in front of me.  I hope I never forget it.



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