It Doesn’t Matter

…if you’re a new teacher, or one that’s been teaching for close to 30 years (yikes!).  The idea of the first day of school is frightening, exhilarating, exhausting and full of promise.  But with that promise comes worry – can I do it again?  Can I make the connections I need to, reach the kids that need me, challenge the kids that need that?  Can I push through the fatigue that’s already begun – because I didn’t sleep much last night and when I did, I had those TEACHER DREAMS?  Can I establish rules and procedures with a smile on my face and a song on my lips (and CD player)?



It doesn’t matter that I’ve done those exact things – and much, much more – every year, for years and years and years.  Because I know each class is different, and each year I’m different, and that is terrifying.  Happily, the terror is very short-lived.  The fatigue and exhilaration will last all year, but fear will be replaced by love and concern, frustration and pride.  I know this in my head; my heart just needs to get up to speed.  It will.  Always does.


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