True Confessions

In one hour, I’ll be sitting at our district professional development workshop, and the school year will have officially begun.  Back to alarm clocks, makeup, lunchboxes and fatigue.  In July, the days loomed long and large – I said so on this blog!  In July, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find things to fill the days.  I always think that.  I’m always wrong.

Now that it’s September, I have a new worry.  One I always have, and one that never happens.   Here it is, true confession style – Will I love my new class?   If you are a parent reading this, don’t panic.  I have met and loved over 30 new classes in my tenure as teacher, and I have NEVER NOT LOVED THEM.   Even when it’s a challenging year, even when things are not going smoothly, I have found a place in my heart for each class.  But right before the falling-in-love, there’s a missing-my-old-students phase.


Can you blame me?  I had 180 days with last year’s students.  It made for a pretty strong bond.    And I’ll be missing that bond today.  I’ll meet my new class in approximately 7 hours, and for three or four days thereafter, I’ll be straddling a fence.  Still attached to last year’s class, ready to bond with this year’s class.  And in less than a week, I will have gotten down from the fence and will be fully embracing this new class.   It’s NEVER NOT HAPPENED.  But I never not worry about it either.

When I say that I love my class and my students, I am, of course, speaking about TEACHER LOVE.  It’s not the same as parent love, or friendship love.  But it is real love, make no mistake about it.  That’s why this time of year is so difficult for me.  Torn between two loves, and all that.  (Geez, did I just paraphrase an old 70s song??  I need to update my references.)

And so it begins.  And ends.  And that is how it should be.  The circle of school. (Ok, better – I’d rather paraphrase a Disney song any day of the week).


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