All Abuzz

Once upon a time, this was the day that the town phone lines would be jammed.  The day when parents and students called up their friends, asking breathlessly, “Who did you get?”  Of course, they couldn’t answer that question until the mail arrived, with that all-important letter – the TEACHER ASSIGNMENT.  So people camped out by the mailbox and shouted, “Here it comes!” when the mailtruck was spotted.  But we live in 2014, and this information is now available through PowerSchool, and shared almost instantly via social media.  So there’s less waiting.  But just as much excitement.



It may be disappointing if you don’t get the teacher you wanted (or thought you’d want – there is a difference!) or your friends aren’t your classmates this year.  But it almost always works out for the best.  Especially in our district where, if I do say so myself, we have an extraordinary staff.  Teachers that will do everything in their power to make this a stellar year.  I know.  I’ve witnessed it for 26 years.

So today I’ll be checking in on the town Facebook page, where eager parents post their children’s assignments, so as to gauge everyone’s excitement.  Cause I’m excited too!

On a completely unrelated and unnecessary note, here are a few more ecards.  No reason other than I saw them and I wanted them in my collection.

3d2bd8bcb88aa91effea86aeb3cabfa4Another one for Rebecca.  She’s really not that anti-social.  It’s just a running family joke.  Don’t read anything more into it than that!

MjAxMi0yZjAzZWQxYTY3MzM1MjA4No explanation needed.


Reverse this one and it’s spot on.  Vacuuming soothes me, and the floors are visible.  I can always hide the mess in the silverware drawer.


Tremble with excitement, that is.  See how the teacher is smiling?



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