Wrapping it up

Mid-August means just one thing to most teachers – preparing for a new year, and more specifically, setting up the classroom.  Never one to do what most others are doing, for me mid-August means my classroom is pretty much done.  Now I can spend the last weeks of summer taking care of those last minute items, catching up with my colleagues as they return to school and offering my assistance to anyone who might want it.   Last minute whirlwinds are not for me.

And so, here are the last pictures (for a while, at least) of my decorating frenzy.


This is the year of the pennant.  It’s the fourth one I’ve done – two for my room, two for a first grade teacher’s room.  #craftyisthenewblack


I like how it dresses up the window area.  All I did was use a clothespin to attach it to the shades.  No tape required!


I finally jumped on the pom pom bandwagon.  I originally purchased six from Schoolgirl Style, but only four survived.  I ordered the largest size pom, found it too big, and experimented with resizing them.


Student desks, just waiting for name tags.



My “family flower” sample on the board.  Surname in the center, family members’ names on the petals.  Going with a daisy look this year, so I’m using yellow and white.




Not everyone wants Mrs. Bossypants’s two cents on how to do their rooms, but luckily for me, a few don’t mind if I sprinkle a little pinterest on their walls.  Pennants are so easy to make, and make such a statement, I’m in danger of going overboard with them.   I know.  You’re surprised I’d ever go overboard on anything. #iamwhoiam


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