Virtual Junk Drawer

This is a post with a few unrelated topics; therefore, I’ve categorized them. Kinda defeats the purpose of a junk drawer, but…

I keep seeing the word HACKS used everywhere, and I think it means tips or shortcuts. At least, that’s the way I’m using it. My number one back to school hack is NUMBERING. Before I ever get my class list, usually mid to late August, I prepare my students’ workboxes. They’re filled with pencils, an eraser, gluestick, marker, two kinds of pens and a highlighter. And I put a number on EVERY SINGLE ITEM. I do the same with their crayon boxes. Yes, a number on each of the 24 crayons. That’s at least 20 x 24 numbers on the CRAYONS ALONE. Sick, right? OCD, yes? Helpful?? YEAH! Sure, it takes quite a while to number everything, but not THAT long. I don’t mind spending the time if it’ll be worth it, and it is WELL WORTH the effort, because when a child drops a crayon or a pencil, it is easily returned to them. Before I started doing this, kids would have less than half of their “stuff” by the end of the first marking period, because it would get dropped and no one could claim it. When I receive my class list, I assign each student a number and that number is theirs throughout the year. It goes on their cubby, desk name tag, etc. And when I have to call groups to do things so there’s not a mad rush of 20+ students all going to the same place at the same time, I can call “two digit odd numbers” or “one digit even numbers.” A little math just snuck its way in there.

From my other posts, you can see that some serious decorating has been going on. I was happy to be able to use all of that red and black paper and trim that I overbought for my own classroom on the office bulletin boards. Yes, red and black are my Hollywood colors, but they are also our school colors, so they were put to good use. Lot of double bordering going on, and next week I’ll add a few pinwheels.

This one’s dedicated to my daughter.

So very, very true. And somewhat disturbing.

Very proud of this fact. And someday my students will say the same, thanks to youtube.

Working on this one. Every day.

Just because.


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