Because teachers spend most of their summer prepping (at least mentally) for the new school year (wait – is that just me?), my brain was full of pinterest-esque ideas for revamping my Hollywood themed classroom. Not a change, just a refresh. So, armed with glitter border, paint and fadeless paper (I vow NEVER to use the stuff that comes on those giant spools), I began the process.

The painting was easy, and it turned a nearly 30-year old shelf into a sleek thing of beauty. I replaced the various colored bins with red dishpans and new labels. Gorgeous!


292953_3854193828209_479053087_nCheck out the difference!

My other bins got a makeover too. I spray painted the toy bins that were previously primary in color, and now they match. Because matching is in – just ask pinterest.

The spray painting wasn’t bad. As recommended, I used Krylon Fusion for Plastic, which must be purchased at Wal-Mart because it’s by the far the place with lowest price. You’ll need lots of coats, especially for the lighter colors, and there’s a lot of overspray. I’m not sure how they’ll hold up, but I do know they look marvelous!

File the next one under “why did I not know this before?” All over the decorate-your-classroom-blogs, doubling or tripling border is de rigueur. It never occurred to me to do it, but now that I have, all I can say is, “where have you been all my life?” I even put a black border on the outside of the board (I think I invented that one myself!) for true pizazz.


Here’s a closeup – you’ll also see my shrine to child stars of the golden age. What can I say. It makes me happy.


Blurry, but check out the TRIPLE border!  #gettingcarriedaway

Here are a few more pictures of the black and red goodness that is now my classroom.


If that’s what I’ve done by mid-July, just think what I can come up with by August!!


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