Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy…

EASIER, anyway. For teachers, whether we’re at the beach (not me), or camping (not me), or traveling the world (not me, but I wish it were me!), part of our brain is devoted to thinking about school. This is not earth-shattering news. It’s been this way since the dawn of time. And every summer it’s easier to get sucked into the let’s-get-ready-for-a-new-school-year mentality (Pinterest, I’m looking at you). And for those teachers who are uber school-obsessed (def me), many hours are spent thinking and doing all things back-to-school.

This is only my third year in this room and grade, and I’m not ready to embark on a new decorating theme. I’m giving Hollywood a full five years before transitioning to something new (don’t worry, it’s already in the planning stages). I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours to give it up so soon. Bless you teachers out there who change themes/color schemes each and every year. I do not have your unlimited resources (i.e., money).

But because I’m endlessly restless, and feeling like a slacker because I’m not doing a total room makeover, I am tackling a few projects. I 100% blame* a site called Schoolgirl Style. She has me thinking that if I don’t incorporate at least one tissue pom or flower, I’ve failed.

So I’ve invested in some tissue daisies. They do look adorable.

I also blame* Clutter-free Classroom for my new-found obsession with coordination. As in, all of my primary colored bins and baskets must now be one or two colors, with coordinating labels and shelving.
So now I’ll be painting some shelving (which needs a good rejuvenation after nearly 30 years) and experimenting with spray painting plastic bins. Apparently, this is a thing.
So I’m off to Walmart, because after extensive research this seems like the best place to purchase the paint (i.e, the cheapest). And on Monday I’ll be knee-deep in black and red paint.
I should get turpentine too, or whatever one uses nowadays to get the paint off skin. Because when I say knee-deep, it’s literal.

*by blame I mean “thank you for the fantastic ideas but at the same time, damn you for giving me one more thing to obsess over.”  I’m sure that Jodi and Melanie, decorators extraordinaire, fully understand.


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