It Finally Happened

Summer, that is.  After several year-end events like Poetry Cafe,


and Beach Day,


it was finally the LAST DAY.

We have a lovely tradition for our second graders on the LAST DAY.  Because they are moving to the intermediate school, they are given a proper goodbye via a Clap Off.  Years ago, our now-retired art teacher (miss you, EK!) told us of a tradition that they had in her children’s school district.  Everyone lines the hallways and claps as the entire second grade, wearing their class t shirts, walks past.  Each year it grew, and now parents join us, we carry clappers and then convene outside for some photo ops.


And then, at the end of the LAST DAY, second grade reconvenes and signs one another’s beach balls and says their goodbyes.


And then the bell rings, they board the bus and every staff member waves them off.

Another school year over.  And teachers are left with a myriad of emotions (or is it just me?)  Exhilaration.  Pride.  Exhaustion.  Sadness.  Disbelief.  Anticipation.

And thus begins another summer.  Never an easy time for me (see last year’s post on my complicated relationship with this season).   It looms large and long, filled with days of rest and relaxation, of reflection and renewal.  This year, those 4 Rs are more than necessary, but one R always presents a challenge.  Relaxation.

What can I say?  I like to be busy.  And I have just enough planned to fill that requirement, including tutoring, writing curriculum and running a week-long camp, a celebration of all things Laura Ingalls Wilder.


And so, on this first full day of summer 2014, I plan to do quite a bit, not the least of it is visit the hair salon!

Tomorrow, I’ll relax.  At least, that’s the plan.


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