Worth It

Last year’s post-Sandy Hook beach field trip blog entry was called “Survival by the Sea.”  This year, I not only survived but enjoyed it thoroughly.  We left school in a downpour and arrived to overcast but dry weather.  Not too cold, and most importantly, not too hot.  Didn’t stop me from getting the obligatory sunburn though.  



Seining, shell collecting, impressing the field guide with our knowledge of bi and univalves – priceless.  



Even those blue circles can’t hide the expressions on these guys.  And they reflect the feelings of everyone who embarked on this seaside adventure.  Teacher too.  Teacher especially.

Sidenote:  A nearly-two hour bus ride requires entertainment, and “Finding Nemo” was the perfect flick.  It took us door to door, and just as we arrived at the beach, “Beyond the Sea” played over the ending credits.  Because the second grade music concert had an under the sea theme, they performed this song back in May.  And they performed it again, gestures and all, right there on the bus.  Because what’s a school field trip without singing?  


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