If you’re not willing to get lost in the past, then I suggest you don’t visit any one of those “Do You Remember….” sites out there.  I just lost over thirty minutes to “Do You Remember the 60s, 70s, 80s” but discovered the answer to that age-old question.  Why do we call them MAGIC markers?   Truth be told, I haven’t called them magic markers in a long time.  Years of referring to them as such, then facing questions like, “Why are these magic?” has taught me that it’s just not worth it.  Kids today (did I just write that?) have always had markers….most likely Crayola and Sharpie, and have no idea that when they first arrived on the scene, they were indeed magic.

But  many people of a certain generation STILL call them magic markers.  And today I was vindicated, because for years I’ve been saying that there was a brand called Magic Marker Liquid Crayons.  Few believed me.


Ha!  I’m not so crazy now, am I?  Well, at least not about markers.  I recall these so vividly.  But what I wasn’t prepared for was the long-forgotten-but-now-that-I see-them-I-remember-how-much-I-loved-them BIC BANANAS.


Oh,  how carefully I would replace them in the yellow pouch after using them, gently folding down the flap and tucking it in.  I think I even stored them in rainbow order, leaving brown and black for the end.  But where did I put the pink?  Some mysteries will never be solved.

Today, I guess kids will have Twistables and metallic markers (both popular choices in my classroom) to sigh wistfully over.  But will they really be magic?  


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