Who Needs Desks?

Photos of kids stretched out all over the classroom, talking with friends, reading and writing…to me, that captures the true learning that goes on in our room.


Here are a few of just such photos.  The students spent one day reading about a plant or animal life cycle, taking notes and drawing diagrams.  The following day they joined others who had researched the same living thing and cooperated to create a life cycle poster.


Those that haven’t finished will complete them today.  Then the class will use the posters that hang around the room to fill in information in our life cycles booklet.


Best part?  Learning and engagement.  Second best part?  My only job was to circulate, taking pictures and enjoying the view.


When is a Box Not a Box?

The answer to that age-old riddle is when it’s a diorama!Image

What is it about this project that always appeals to me?  While others might shy away from this time-consuming and sometimes messy affair, I look forward to it – even when manning the glue gun and burning my fingers.

This week we created diorama habitats.  Most students did a bit of research at home and brought in items that would make their habitat come to life. The thought that goes into these never ceases to amaze.  


Best part?  When they willingly share their materials and offer suggestions and encouragement to classmates.  

I hope I’m never too old for dioramas.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Not Christmas.  Not even Back to School time.  It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and more specifically, our annual TEACHER APPRECIATION LUNCHEON!



I look forward to this ALL YEAR LONG!  Every year is better than the one before, and the feast served is worth breaking any diet for!  Cue the salivary glands!  This year’s them is Hollywood, and the busy parent elves were preparing yesterday by hanging gold stars outside each classroom.  The luncheon room itself is strictly off limits, so as not to spoil the big reveal.  Today, when we enter, it will not be a half-empty classroom, but a room transformed.  I’m predicting a red carpet.  I’m also predicting feeling very, very appreciated.

On with the show!