Happy Anniversary!

Belated, anyway.  April 11, 2013 I began this blog.  I had no set goal in mind – I didn’t promise myself that I’d blog every day, or even every week.  And that’s good, because I wouldn’t have met that goal!  But I did blog when the spirit moved me, and here we are a year later.

The actual anniversary passed unnoticed.  It wasn’t until yesterday, at our annual Earth Day celebration, that I realized it had been a year.   I recalled a post about last year’s Earth Day festivities and sure enough, when I went into the archives (I have archives now!), there it was.  So, happy anniversary, little blog!


This year, Earth Day progressed as planned.  There was the annual planting, lots of blue and green clothing, some classroom games and the big hit of the event.


Garbage collecting.  Rubber gloves included.

At least one student told me it was the best day of his life – as he deposited trash in my bag!  Some pieces went straight into the dumpster, and you’ve never seen 18 happier kids in your life!  I even received an email from a parent chaperone who was “blown away” by their excitement over trash collecting.  Those emails make it all worth it.

That, and the smiles.  It doesn’t take much imagination to see the huge grin on the face of the student in the bottom right hand corner above.


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