The Show Must Go On

And it did.  In spite of snow days and delayed openings, missed and shortened rehearsals and an ever-changing schedule, our second grade Multi Cultural Dance performance went on yesterday. Not exactly as planned, though.

This is the third year that our second graders have participated in a dance residency.  It’s two weeks of rehearsals with Mrs. Joanna Pang Atkins, our artist in residence (a true professional if ever there was one).  Each class learns a dance from another country, state or time period.  The idea is then to perform it, in costume, twice – once for the rest of the school and teachers, and once for families.  With a full run-through occurring the day before.

But you know what they say.  The best laid plans….(are ruined due to snow??!!)

When our PTO organizer saw the forecast, which called for at least 10 inches of snow on the day of the first performance, almost certainly giving us another snow day or two, she leapt into action. And our run through turned into the full performance.


Many parents were able to rearrange their schedules to come two days earlier.  Only a handful of students and teachers were able to see it, but those who were there enjoyed it.  The second graders with speaking parts were tres professional, and each dance was unique and exciting.  Our class did the French Minuet.


It was complicated and elegant, and required boys and girls to – GASP! – hold hands!  I didn’t think second graders cared about such things, but evidently they do.  But they soldiered on, and were magnifique!


I know Shirley would have agreed.  Did you think she was just a tap dancer?  No, she was a girl of all trades (or at least dances).  Here she is in her minuet costume for the Heidi dream sequence.  She may be gone, but will never be forgotten. At least not on my blog.  Or in my heart.


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