The Days of the Dinosaur

I’m glad to say that the days of hands-on learning are not extinct in our second grade.  Although the every-minute-counts, so count-every-minute mentality prevails (see previous post!), we still manage to sneak in a little exploration too.


This month we’re focusing on reading and writing nonfiction.  Although we’ve always read nonfiction to our students, the Common Core places a huge emphasis on it and so you see an increase in working with this genre in all grades.  So, if you read nonfiction materials on the topic of dInosaurs, it’s a treat to meet some real paleontologists and do some digging too.


An all-second grade assembly began the day, where the scientists shared their adventures with us, as well as some actual fossils.  This was followed by a more intimate workshop, where we did some sifting and brushing in order to discover our own fossils.


Here they are lined up in size order.  Although these had to be returned, every child did leave with a 65-million year old shark’s tooth….plus a dino-mite (ouch!) second grade memory.  To paraphrase the great Dave Burgess, author of “Teach Like a Pirate,” it’s important, nay, necessary, to give your students EXPERIENCES, rather than just lessons.  Yesterday, I think we did.


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