Once in a Blue Moon

It’s all about acronyms – CCS, SGO, SRI, PLC, I&RS.  If you’re a teacher currently working in NJ (and many, many other states), you can rattle off a list of your own.  And all of this alphabet soup often means that we’re working hard just to fit the curriculum in, stay accountable for our students’ learning and produce documentation of said learning.  But once in a blue moon, you can add a little creativity to the mix.  And I do mean ADD, because the learning is still going on.



During our study of the moon, we broke out the white paint.  After dusting the bottle off a bit, we mixed it with flour, creating a chalky, chunky liquid.  Moon paint!  This helped to drive home the point that the moon’s surface is rocky and dusty, and later when they dried, it was very evident.  Plus, the kids were PAINTING!!!

ImageBut before the paint dried, we added the craters.  They used water bottle caps to represent the space rocks crashing into the moon and leaving holes.  Sound effects not required, but welcome (to a certain point, at least!!)

The stars were added to the black paper before painting using metallic markers.  If you don’t have a set of these, think about investing. They are pure magic….and they make any project brighter.  We used them again when we did fact writing about Neil Armstrong and mounted the papers on black.

So it’s possible to do it all…sometimes.   And this month, there really will be a blue moon.  January 31 will be the second new moon of the month.  Maybe the blue paint will make an appearance.



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