Merry and Bright

There’s no escaping it…that pre-holiday frenzy that is the elementary classroom in late December.   Add quite a few inches of snow and a full moon, mix it together with a holiday party, and you might just have mayhem…merry mayhem, but mayhem just the same.

But really, is there anything cuter than kids in the spirit of the season?  Exhibit A:


And Exhibit B: 


Kinda makes it all worth it.  

Here’s looking forward to the merriest of holidays….and a LOVELY, long winter break!





It’s No Secret…

…that I love books.  As in, I have a full-out obsession.  On the first day of school, I pranced (visualize THAT!) around my classroom, giving a tour of the books to my students.  Books on shelves, in bins, in baskets and behind every cupboard door.  I told them I would share with them a secret…that I’m a book-aholic.  It must’ve made a big impression because several parents have mentioned that to me since…and once they look around my classroom, they see the truth in that statement.  And when my husband gets the bills, he does too.  But enough of the Grinch.

Among all of the books in my extensive collection, a brand new one will hold a special place.  Not only because it’s adorable, and not only because it’s a Christmas tale.  Because MY FRIEND WROTE IT!!

20131210_172653 (1)

For reals!!  And it has a fabulous backstory too!

Every year our town hosts a Festival of Trees.  Cynthia Dreeman Meyer is the founding mother of this holiday tradition, as well as a designer of extraordinary talent….she once was offered a job on the spot by a design firm!  I had the privilege of teaching her son Max several years ago, and fell in love with the Meyer family.  And I fell in love with the Festival of Trees…so much so, that now I’m a decorator too…but not in the same league.  She does 7-10 trees every year, and I’ve never done more than two.  But it’s a joy.

Fast forward to December 2012.  Cynthia created a Christmas tree that suggested on the night before Christmas, the mice really WERE stirring….candy and treats!


The tree turned into a story she told aloud to the classes visiting on their field trips.  Yes, she hosts them as well, and leads the kids in a sing along because she has a voice like clear bells.  Seriously, is there anything this lady can’t do??!!  And that story became a book.  And now I own it.   And it came to life when I read it aloud to my class just yesterday.  I really played up the whole “I-know-the-author” angle, and my students thought I was hot stuff.  And I am.  ‘Cause I know the author.

And I’m proud.