Two Brains (Are Better Than One)

Especially if one of the brains is mine!  I think most teachers would agree; one of the best parts of the profession is sharing ideas with colleagues, whether in person or through cyberspace. That’s how the cupcake (referenced in yesterday’s post) was baked.  In this case, too many cooks was a good thing.  

Same goes for my latest tip:


The evidence arrow.  Here’s how it came to be: 

It’s all about close reading.  Looking at text more than once, often with pen in hand and finding evidence in the text to support your answers to comprehension questions.  This is the current BIG THING in education.  Apparently, there is a heavy dose of it on the upcoming PARCC assessments.  So my coworker shared with me a quickie that she was employing in her small groups – she called it the evidence game.  Super simple – ask a question, give them the page number and have them point to the words that prove/support your answer.  Genius!  So, when I played it during my next small group, I took small post its, had them draw an arrow on each one, and had them place it directly on the evidence.  Evidence arrows were born.

But it gets better.  While deconstructing this lesson, (which amounts to bragging just how well it went with my makeshift arrows), my friend said she thought Post It made actual arrows.  Forward to that afternoon at Staples where I purchased a few sets for us both.  Forward even further to the next day when we used them.  What is is about rainbow colored stickies that turns kids into text detectives?  Don’t know, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  

Here’s hoping I find more of these in my Christmas stocking this year!  Thanks, JA (initials used to protect the brilliant but shy!), for sharing this.   Collaborating…what it’s all about.



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