Cupcakes in School

Once upon a time, cupcakes could be seen at school.  On any given day, someone’s birthday was being celebrated, and that child would come bearing cupcakes for the class.  And, if there were any left over after passing them out to classmates, the birthday child could go to the principal, the secretary, the nurse, the custodian and offer each of them a sweet treat.

Those days have long since disappeared.  Our school has been a no-cupcakes-for-birthdays school for quite a while, and my scale thanks you.  And for the past two years, we are a food-free school as well.  Teachers are not permitted to distribute food of any kind, and all party treats must be purchased from our food service company.  And it hasn’t been bad.

But cupcakes haven’t been totally banned. They’ve just taken on a new form.  When writing our personal narratives, we refer to the basic structure of the story as the cupcake.  It must contain a beginning, middle and ending.  Without those, it just isn’t a personal narrative.  Of course, that’s the bare minimum – an unfrosted cupcake.  To make your story/cupcake better, add the icing!  The icing is the elaborations that we can sprinkle throughout our stories – engaging leads, strong endings, dialogue, feelings, suspense and more.  A big thank you to Meredith Alvaro, who shared this recipe with us.



And so to illustrate this point, we made cupcakes.   No flour or sugar, but lots of craft materials.   After our parents enjoyed our published narratives, we worked with them to create a cupcake – a representation of a fully loaded personal narrative.



Mmmm….writing CAN be delicious!


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