Welcome to Our World

Every November, our school district celebrates American Education Week by inviting parents into our schools.  Over the years this has taken different forms.  Sometimes it’s a drop-by-and-simply-observe invitation.  Other times it’s a “show” (Poems and Pies was my absolute favorite!!).  And still other times it’s a come-in-and-do-something-with-your-child event.  Today’s visit was of the latter variety:


Parents joined us this afternoon and were eagerly greeted by their second graders, who proceeded to follow the printed directions and take them on a tour of the classroom.  They delighted in showing off to their parents and taking the lead as they explained morning meeting, read to self and many other routines of our day.  Then, parents were treated to a reading of their child’s published personal narrative.


Finally, parent and child worked together to create a cupcake craft.  Why a cupcake?  Tune in this weekend for a full explanation and a  few more photos.  I promise you’ll be impressed.  We all were today.


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